John Sell

John Sell, CBE

Europa Nostra, Executive Vice-President, UK

Keynote speaker

John Sell is an architect and has worked on a wide range of historic buildings for more than 35 years. His clients include the European Union, the British Council, English Heritage, the Crown Estate and the National Trust.

Sell is Executive Vice-President of Europa Nostra, Chair of the Joint Committee of National Amenity Societies (UK), which brings together all the national non-governmental bodies concerned with the historic environment mentioned in planning legislation, and Chair of the Historic Environment Forum, which brings together all the major governmental and non-governmental heritage bodies in England. … more details

Meet our speakers

We are gathering respected foreign experts from Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Spain, Turkey with the kind support of the foreign non-governmental organizations ALZIAR, EFFORTS, FAIC, MEDCITIES, OWHC.
Alexey Mikhaylov

Dr. Alexey Mikhaylov

Deputy Chairman, Government of St. Petersburg, Russia
Andrea Bonifacio

Dr. Andrea Bonifacio

EFFORTS Executive Board Member, Italy

Dr. Francis Brassard

Associate Dean, General Education RIT Croatia, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Gérard Duclos

Dr. Gérard Duclos

Mayor of Lectoure, Sites & Cités remarquables de France, Bordeaux, France
Malcolm Borg

Dr.Malcolm Borg

Advisor, UN Global Compact Cities Regional Liaison, Australia
Christiano Lepratti

Prof. Arch. Christiano Lepratti

Polytechnic University of Genoa, Italy
Neslihan Dostoglu

Prof. Dr. Neslihan Dostoğlu

Dean, Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul Kultur University, Turkey
Zoran Mihanović

Prof. Dr. Zoran Mihanović

Vice-President, NGO Poljica Alliance
Elizabeth Lane Lawley

Prof. Dr.Elizabeth Lawley

Dept. Interactive Games & Media, RIT New York, USA
Gustavo Cuadrado Moya

Prof. Gustavo Cuadrado Moya

Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona, Spain
Saviour Formosa

Prof. Saviour Formosa

Criminologist, Faculty for Social Wellbeing, University of Malta, Malta
Anita Martinčević

Anita Martinčević, PhD(c)

Faculty of Electrical Engineering & Computing, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Ante Mekinić

Ante Mekinić

President, NGO Poljica Alliance
Begoña Floria Eseberri

Begoña Floria Eseberri

Deputy Mayor, Tarragona City Council, Spain
Biserka Simatović

Biserka Simatović, M.ES.

Secretary General, HUPG, Croatia
Diana Buttner

Diana Büttner, M.A.

Project Manager, World Heritage Office UNESCO Bamberg, Germany
Dobrila Vlahović

Dobrila Vlahović , M.Arch.

Conservator-restorer, Ministry of Culture, Montenegro
Dušan Medin

Dušan Medin M.Sc.

Archaeologist, PI Museums and Galleries of Budva, Montenegro
Gorana Barišić Bačelić

Gorana Barišić Bačelić, mag. art. hist.

Director, Fortress of Culture Šibenik, Croatia
Helena Biočić

Helena Biočić

Head of the Police Museum, Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs
Ida Simonella

Ida Simonella M.Sc.

Ancona City Councillor and FAIC Secretary-General, Ancona, Italy
Iulian Visanu

Iulian Vişanu, MDUI

Chief Architect, Dambovita County Council, ALZIAR, Romania
Iva Carević Peković

Iva Carević-Peković, M.Sc.

Director, Institute for the Restoration of Dubrovnik, Croatia
Jelka Tepšić

Jelka Tepšić

Deputy Mayor, City of Dubrovnik, Croatia
John Sell

John Sell, CBE

Europa Nostra, Executive Vice-President, UK
Karen Gysen

Karen Gysen

Architect, EFFORTS Executive Board Member , Belgium
Lirjetë Avdiu Vejsa

Lirjetë Avdiu Vejsa, MS(c)

Albanian-American Cultural Foundation (AACF) - New York, USA
Lucija Đurašković

Lucija Đurašković M.Sc.

Art Historian, PI Museums and Galleries of Budva, Montenegro
Maja Tomičić

Maja Tomičić

Project Manager, Europe for Citizens, Croatia
Marco Acri

Marco Acri, PhD(c)

Coordinator, ETCAEH Programme, University of Nova Gorica, Venice, Italy
Martin Malvy

Martin Malvy

President, Sites & Cités remarquables de France, Bordeaux, France
Matthias Ripp

Matthias Ripp, PhD(c)

WH Coordinator, UNESCO Regensburg, Germany
Nicolae Moldovan

Nicolaie Moldovan, MPS

City Manager, Alba Iulia, ALZIAR, Romania
Oriol Barba Suñol

Oriol Barba Suñol

MedCities, AMB Barcelona, Spain
Philippe Trotin

Philippe Trotin

Deputy Mayor, Rueil-Malmaison, France
Rudolf Zunke

Rudolf Zunke, M.A.

Site Manager, UNESCO Historic Centre of Vienna, Austria
Senada Demirović Habibija

Senada Demirović Habibija, PhD(c)

Architect, ADA Center, Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Victoria Pushkina

Victoria Pushkina, M.Sc.

Head of Sector, Government of St. Petersburg, Russia