Iulian Vişanu, MDUI

Chief Architect, Dambovita County Council, ALZIAR, Romania
Iulian Visanu

Iulian Vişanu, MDUI

Chief Architect, Dambovita County Council, ALZIAR, Romania
0721 809 338


Iulian Vişanu is the chief architect of Dambovita County in Romania for two years.

He graduated in 2006 the University of Urbanism and Architecture „Ion Mincu” Bucuresti as a building architect. At the same university he atended and graduated in 2009 the Master of Integrated Urban Development.

Currently he conducts an activity in the fields of urbanism and landscaping, cultural heritage-historical monuments, tourism development, building control, cadastre and data management and public assets and buildings the property of Dambovita County Council, Romania.

He is also involved in anti-seismic protection; urban planning coordination and landscaping in 89 administrative units by training local servants; consultancy for private investors in the urban planning field.

He has got expertise in heritage management and historical monument interventions as a member of Regional Committee of Monuments. He manages the preparing of a town planning documentation for the tourist development in the Bucegi mountain area Padina-Peștera for its transformation into a national resort.

He is interested in research of regeneration of abandoned areas following the exploitation of mineral aggregates using tools and methods of urban planning. One of his actual purposes would be the growth of the industrial potential by promoting a new industrial hubb for electronics nearby Târgoviște and several new areas for the same activities.

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