Biserka Simatović, M.ES.

Secretary General, HUPG, Croatia
Biserka Simatović

Biserka Simatović, M.ES.

Secretary General, HUPG, Croatia
+385(0)91 1809 461


Title of qualification awarded
Masters in European Studies; Bachelor of Arts – Classics, Greek/Roman Archaeology

Name and type of organisation providing education and training
Universite Panttheon-Assas Paris 2, Paris, France + University of Zagreb, Croatia; McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Work experience
Department for European Funds, Regional & International Cooperation, Executive Office of the Mayor, Department of Entrepreneurship, Tourism & the Sea, Head of International Relations, Senior Advisor EU Projects, Office of the Mayor, City of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Occupation or position(s) held
Senior Advisor (current) & Acting Head of Office: June-September 2015

Main activities and responsibilities

  • Lead Project Manager for IPA Adriatic CBC Programme: Adria.MOVE IT! & EX.PO AUS. Manager of EU projects, applications and implementation. PHARE program – LB and Project Manager, BARCA, INFIORE, NAP.
  • Liaison with international organizations and networks: Committee of Regions, Council of Europe, MedCities, OWHC, EWT, FAIC, Heritage Europe, etc.
  • Established the Croatian Association of Historic Towns for the City of Dubrovnik, function – Secretary General.
  • Active Executive of Bureau: Heritage Europe, Europe House Dubrovnik (former Secretary General), Alliance Francaise Dubrovnik.

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