Platform for Architecture, Heritage, Dialogue and Art: Case Study Mostar

Senada Demirović Habibija
11 Apr 2018
10:20 - 11:00

Platform for Architecture, Heritage, Dialogue and Art: Case Study Mostar

Arts and culture today are developed in parallel with the rapid and sudden changes in cultural and artistic infrastructure, organization of artistic creativity and symbolic communication. Big investments in the creative sector, encouraging sustainable entrepreneurship in culture and art, and a high level of expertise are becoming imperatives of survival of culture and art in the world. The potential for the development of cultural industries in Bosnia and Herzegovina is present, however, the same potential is necessary to relieve and encourage its further growth.

How the strategy of cultural policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina states, products of cultural industries at the same time and goods, but not, in any event, as other commodities: they also define the identity of the country and require specific, special treatment that will preserve cultural diversity, the principle of tolerance, spirituality, creativity, diversity, and space for free critical thinking. Therefore, the objectives of the Platform Architecture, Heritage, Dialogue and Art is to improve the content of cultural and artistic offer in Mostar, including all stakeholders building up an independent and interactive platform to promote, properly present and make available and understandable all cultural resources as well as tangible and intangible heritage of Mostar in its diversity.

Mostar is a city that shows the hidden talents that written by “new language” could become an inspirational hub for the entire Balkans. By creating links between space, heritage and people’s everyday life, we could create a generator of new values of the city of Mostar in its spatial context. By providing an opportunity to better understand the city, the synergy of citizens, artists and experts in the research process would enable easier “flow” of the idea of the importance of the city. This would be the place to create dialogue with culture, architecture and art as main tools. The ultimate goal is to establish a firm link between the concept of the program and materialization, the way to create a city that offers opportunities and a sense of belonging and comfort to all its citizens and those who willingly want to visit it and experience it!

Platform for Architecture, Heritage, Dialogue and Art will identify, analyze, evaluate and map all cultural and artistic content of the city as well as all cultural and historical monuments in order to create a cultural platform, which will in a strong bond put all participants in this field. The main areas of action will be informing, training, communication, cooperation, exchange of experiences and knowledge, and use this platform to develop, research and collaboration
with stakeholders outside of the platform. The platform will develop a model of corporate social responsibility, in cooperation with the tourism sector as well as to create a tourist itinerary of cultural tourism “Cool-tour Mostar” to develop cultural offers, which opens the possibility for economic development as well.

Project objectives

Overall objective: to contribute to the development of culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in Herzegovina as a cultural region and the City of Mostar as its center, through the integration of cultural contents and “cultural tourism”.

Specific objectives:

  • Creating a cultural platform of the city connecting all participants in culture, art, architecture and dialogue;
  • Developing a model of corporate social responsibility with a view to the voluntary contributions of public and private sector development of the cultural platform of the city;
  • Strengthening the capacity of participants in the cultural life of the city;
  • Creating tourist itineraries “cultural tourism”;
  • Correct the available and understandable way to present the cultural and historical heritage of Mostar;
  • Promote Platform for Architecture, Heritage, Dialogue and Art in the local community and beyond.